Short Sales and Loan Modifications

Loan Modifications and Short Sales

We live in unprecedented economic times. You are not in the mood for games, and you are upside down with your mortgage. Did you know that in California, 52% of real estate transactions involve distressed properties? You are not alone, but you need a team to help you understand your options. Since the housing crisis started, Thomas and Jonathan have been ready to help our clients navigate the critical and sometimes confusing choices when facing the inability to make house payments.

Every situation is unique, and because of this, we need a unique strategy to help you either keep your home, or find a way to move on with dignity. If you care at all about getting back on your financial feet again, foreclosure should NEVER be an option.

So how do we help?
• We give you a free, private consultation to understand your situation
• We can provide free short sale assistance.  There is NO CATCH!

You will notice that the word “free” is included in both of the ways we can help. That is not by accident. It is important for you to know that when you work with Radiant Property Group when you have no equity in your home, you will never pay us ONE SINGLE CENT. Again, there is NO CATCH!

So stop waiting to get the help that you need. The first step is to contact us today.

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