Radiant Recommends…Placentia Super Service

by admin on December 23, 2010

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Radiant Recommends…Placentia Super Service

Do you know a good mechanic? Yes, this is a question that I hear all the time. It is probably because most of us know very little about the inner-workings of our cars, and we feel concerned that we will be over-charged, or misled to believe that our car needs major work, when maybe we just need a new sparkplug. It has not helped one bit that investigative journalists have caught mechanics and jiffy-lube attendants duping folks with perfectly running vehicles that they need a whole host of repairs. I was one of the disillusioned and concerned right up until a couple of years ago when I was referred to a garage in Placentia called Super Service.

Buddy Dubois grew up working in his Dad’s auto repair shop. For years he learned the ropes at this family business located in Inglewood until the commute got too much to handle. An opportunity came up to purchase an existing, well regarded auto repair shop in Placentia. Seeing that this was a blessing and a chance of a lifetime, Buddy purchased the shop and has been in business ever since. This year marks his 33rd year as the owner of Super Service, which is an understatement for the way that he treats his customers.

Not one for fanfare or flashiness, Buddy has built his book of business on referrals and word-of-mouth, which is exactly the way that I found out about him. His shop does not stand out when you drive by (see photo), and he does not even buy extra space in the yellow pages. The truth is, he doesn’t need it. When you can combine his expertise in fixing both domestic and foreign cars, his reasonable pricing, the good turn-around times, and the all-important trust factor, you know that it is no accident he continues to thrive after three decades. He will always explain what he is doing before he starts his work, and will be the first to admit if certain repairs can wait, or if they are more urgent. He literally looks for ways to save car owners more money and make the less expensive repairs first, hoping that it will correct a problem before recommending major service.

Placentia Super Sport is located at 643 South Melrose Street in Placentia, north of Orangethorpe and just east of the 57 freeway. His hours are Monday through Friday, usually 8am to 5pm. He will work on all domestic, Asian, and European models, and has the latest in computer diagnostic tools at his disposal. You can reach him at (714) 528-1828. Chances are, he will answer the phone.

Thank you, Buddy for your service and care for your customers. You are making North Orange County a better place to live!

Written by Jonathan Pearson of Radiant Property Group

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