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by rpgbrea on October 16, 2013

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Radiant’s Success Story of the Month

Real Estate Letters
We recently had the pleasure of working with a fantastic young couple who were looking to buy their first home. Their dream was to find a duplex that would allow them to live in the front unit and use the back unit for a rental or to house a family member. Good duplex properties tend to be unique and harder to come by, but we were committed to exploring all their desired areas with the hopes of finding them just what they were looking for.
After reviewing the options on the market and being outbid by all-cash investors, we decided to take a more proactive approach in assisting them. We were able to zero in on a couple of neighborhoods where there were a considerable number of duplex properties. We crafted a letter to the owners of these homes, which included a picture of our clients, a little bit of background about their search and qualifications, and our desire to help them find just the right place in a tough market for buyers. A few days went by after mailing out our letters. We were not sure what kind of a response we would receive but were hoping to get at least a few responses.

And then it happened…..

An email arrived late one night from the owner of a duplex in Orange. This gentleman was living in Wyoming and told us he was contemplating selling his property if we could get him the price that he wanted. Fortunately, his expectations were in line with the current market value & our clients’ target price range. Within just a few days we had a signed contract and were able to open escrow. Our clients are now living in their new home and have done an amazing job of remodeling it!

In a market like this, having agents who are willing to strategize and think outside of the box is critical. It is unlikely that we would have found our clients their duplex by sitting, hoping, and waiting for just the right property to come available. If you know friends or family who could benefit from our out-of-the-box approach to real estate, we would love the opportunity to meet with them and discuss a custom plan to find them the right home.

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