Don’t Become a Commission with Eyeballs!

by admin on February 9, 2011

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Don’t Become a Commission with Eyeballs!

Question: Why are most people (including real estate agents) in business today?

Common Answer: To make a profit, of course.

I have sat with many business people who are locked on to one thing. How can I maximize my profits, make the most money possible, and be “successful”? The issue that I have with this logic is that it eventually leads to a serious problem. At some point, everyone faces a challenge where they have to choose between doing what is right by their clients, and making the maximum profit. If the number one objective is to make money, then they will choose the money.

So what should be the answer to the above question? Why am I, and Radiant Property Group in business today?

My Answer: To be trustworthy advisor to my clients for one of their biggest, and most important investments of their lives.

If we view you, our clients, as nothing more than commissions with eyeballs, we are doing you a major disservice. You would hope that this would be rare, but it isn’t. Did you know that there are several consultants out there that hold seminars and teach agents scripts? These scripts are meant to corner you, the client, and make you feel as if you have nothing left to argue with, and to say yes. Each script ends with the same line, “Now just sign the contract”. Are all agents who use scripts dishonest? Probably not. But what I do not feel they are taking in to account is each of their clients’ individual needs, their unique journey, and a desire to be more than just another “closed deal”.

We want to build a business based on trustworthiness, and on reputation. Our desire is to enter in to your journey with you. In the end, it is not about whether you make us money, it is about the peace of mind that you will be able to have while you search for a home, sell your home, or decide to stay right where you are.

I would like to challenge you to, no matter what you do for a living, to think about why you are in business. Are you in it for the money, or are you in it to provide a valuable service to others? It starts with changing the type of mentality we take to work each and every day. We must reconsider the urge to treat others as commissions, or paychecks with eyeballs, and start looking at the bigger picture of how we can help one another on our journey through this world. I am confident that if we do that, the money part will take care of itself.

Written by Jonathan Pearson of Radiant Property Group

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