First-Time Buyers

If you are a first-time buyer, we have great news for you. The current real estate market conditions are some of the best that you will ever find as a first time buyer for these reasons:
• Home prices are still low (but rising)
• Interests rates are still considered historically low (also rising)
• Loan programs exist to get people just like you in a home for the first time with as little as 1% down.
• In many cases, it is more affordable to buy than to rent

Despite all of these reasons to jump in, it is still important to partner with the right team who is willing to walk side-by-side with you through the process. We are here to listen, guide, and help you from the first steps, until we hand you the keys to your new home, and beyond! Ready to start? Here are the first crucial steps that we recommend to start your journey to home ownership:

STEP ONE: Sign up for a free Listingbook Account
WHY: Did you know that the majority of buyers begin their search for a home online? Many websites exist with information on homes for sale, but Listingbook is updated from the MLS every 15 minutes, giving you access to listings just like real estate agents. Listingbook gives you the ability to set up a personalized custom search, saving you time as you focus on the homes that match your areas of interest, price range, and search criteria. With Listingbook there is no cost, no commitment, no spam emails; just a great resource that we exclusively offer to our clients. Click on the Listingbook Button in the sidebar to the right to get your own account today.

STEP TWO: Verify a comfortable price range.
WHY: So you are getting serious about buying now. It is time to take the next critical step. This one is important because it will really allow you to see what you can afford, and what kind of a loan that a lender is willing to give you. We work with several qualified loan brokers and direct lenders. Our goal is to connect you to one or more who can review your financial information, and get you a prequalification. You will need this to verify the price range that we will focus our search on, but also to provide to the seller when we make an offer to show that you are qualified to purchase their home. Below is a link to contact us so that we can get you in touch with just the right folks who can help you!

STEP THREE: Save favorite properties and set appointments
WHY: Now you are on Listingbook, you know what you can afford, you are prequalified, and you are ready to start actively visiting properties. Listingbook allows you to save your favorites and make notes on any you find in your search. When you make notes such as “I would like to see this one!” we will get it immediately. We will start to see the types of properties that interest you, and can start to keep an eye out for others that fit your criteria. At your convenience and availability, we will make appointments to go and see these properties. We can see a few at a time, or if you have time, see several in the same day. We can continue this process until we find you the right home!

Beyond these steps, we will continue to guide you through the purchase of your new home. Our goal is to provide you with unsurpassed service and guidance. We look forward to serving you and your family!

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