The Unofficial Social Hub of Brea, CA

by admin on April 1, 2010

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The Unofficial Social Hub of Brea, CA

There are a lot of great places to hang out in Brea, CA. This suburban city in North Orange County is a magnet for people in the surrounding area as the place to go for dining, entertainment, and shopping. The Brea Mall is one of the most visited shopping centers in all of Southern California. All along Imperial Highway, from Berry to Kraemer, the options are endless for somebody looking to shop and eat. When my wife and I were looking for a place to make our home in 2002, it made sense to move to Brea. For heaven’s sake, we were driving here from Whittier every weekend and noticed how many young families were also making this great little City their home too. After moving in to our first house here, we began to realize that this town has big city appeal, but the heart of a small town. It was nearly impossible to go out without running in to a neighbor or friend. Since all of Brea’s exceptional public schools feed in to one junior and senior high, all social circles start to overlap.

So after being here for over 8 years, I have found that one specific place stands out as the social hub of Brea. The North/West corner of Imperial Highway and Brea Blvd looks much like the other shopping destinations on the surface, but it isn’t. This corner includes a Golden Spoon, Starbuck’s, Corner Bakery, Top Class Pizza, and the Fitness Grill. There used to be a Blockbuster there as well, but it recently closed down, leaving a new opportunity for a future tenant. I have done some research to see if it has been snapped up yet, but it looks like the space is still available. So why is this spot the unofficial social hub? First, the businesses here have a wide appeal. All year long the outdoor tables are filled with people studying, meeting for business, grabbing a cup of coffee, or hanging out with friends. Last week I met my friend Travis Austin who is the CEO of Rezitech at Corner Bakery for lunch. Besides being a brilliant entrepreneur, he is a regular at this spot. My first question to him was, “How many friends will we see here today?” It was not a rhetorical question either. Spend enough time here, and you realize that it is a non-alcohol serving version of Cheers for Brea. Keep an eye out for me next time you stop by. I’ll be the guy grabbing a frozen yogurt with my four excited kids! –Jonathan Pearson

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